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Barbot meeting

Daniel S, Andrew A.

Analysis of Barbot what needs doing

Thing Description What is status What will be done
25ml alacahol dispensers Dispenses the glass bottled alcahol (Vodka etc.) Motors work fine, needs a full test and slight clean
Mixer dispensers CO2 carbon pressurised bottles for dispensing coke, lemonade etc. Servos need potentially replacing after some testing. We could do with replacing CO2 gas. Maybe Soda Stream or syrup based dispenser Need to get more Servo motors of the same type or similar and new piping for making the thing clean. Stretch goal; replace CO2
Dashes Dispenses dashes of lemon juice etc. Mechamism is disgusting. It needs replacing, no real way to clean due to usage. The electronics parts are reusable but only if cleaned. Bottle holder really needs replacing - wood has a lot of damage. New pump - Daniel looking at new option. New tubing and potentially replace the bottles with something much cleaner (and easier to put in place - eg; container with little closer
Cherry Dispenser Dispenses cherries from conveyer belt Actually works okay, if not amazingly but no one has stepped up to fix it further. No actions needed to work
Grenadine Dispenser Syringe is rusty, tubing is disgusting, tap probably is not hygenic - was it ever? Bin the lot potentially and replace with new dash system, or replace with something much better and cleaner - ideas welcome!
Lemon Dispenser Conveyer belt of lemon pieces Rusty dispenser coil needs replacing at minimum. Plastic needs full clean. Need testing once coil replaced with proper lemons. Initially get new coil of wire.
Mixer Mixes drinks New mixer attachment needed, is rusty if not deadly to health New mixer needed from online
Umbrella dispenser Dispenses umbrellas Little bit of cleaning needed / possible stripdown on the plastic bits Clean later and test
Drinks platform Motorised platform for drinks Really messy even if not health affecting - really needs dissembelling Disassemble and clean fully, minding motor and stop item

Who does what

  • Daniel - Dashes - new pump
  • Daniel - Tubing for new dashes pump
  • Daniel - Coding the right bits for new equipment
  • Andrew - CLeaning crew for bits not being replaced
  • Andrew - New tubing for CO2 stuff - including new bottle and dispenser attachments (corks too!).
  • Andrew - Servos for mixers

Tasks if people want them:

  • New replacement parts for say, cherry, umbrella or lemon dispensers
  • Phase 2: Rebuild or improve the structure (easier to clean parts!)
  • Coding website improvements - see Github - may include interaction with Toby's creepy mechanical boy