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Date Item Price Buyer Supplier URL
2014-03-28 Optic measure £12.00 inc. delivery Mouse Amazon
2014-03-31 Silicon Type Airline £2.99 Michael The Range (NG23GZ)
2014-03-30 Wilko Aquarium Airline (plastic) £1.50 Michael Wilkinsons
2014-04-01 Carbonated drink dispenser £1.98 Michael ebay HK seller
2014-04-04 Optic clamp £4.38 Mouse ebay UK
2014-03-26 Optic clamp £7.50 Daniel ebay UK
2014-03-26 25ml Optic measure £6.49 Daniel ebay UK
2014-03-26 Servo £14.99 Daniel ebay UK
2014-04-04 2m of 4mm hose £2.18 Daniel ebay UK
2014-04-04 4mm valve £3.99 Daniel ebay UK
2014-04-05 4 off 8 mm CNC linear rail shaft guide support £4.38 Ian D eBay UK (HK seller)
2014-04-05 4 off 8 mm linear ball bearings LM8UU £4.00 Ian D eBay UK
2014-04-05 GT2 20T 5mm bore pulley and timing belt 6mm wide x 2m length £7.80 Ian D eBay UK

2014-04-05 EasyDriver stepper motor driver board £2.25 Ian D eBay UK (HK seller)