Bartop Arcade Machine

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Mini Defender machine based on Raspberry Pi with separate control panel.

  • Dell LCD monitor with broken controls
  • HP PC speakers from scrap
  • Raspberry Pi
    • currently a Raspberry Pi Model B+ I got from Phenoptix (for £26.99 using a 10% discount code for EMFCAMP 2014)
    • shall probably upgrade to Raspberry Pi 2 Model B if performance is a problem
  • HDMI-VGA adapter & gender changer
  • 19mm plywood sides
    • annoyingly the plywood is not even flat! both sides bend off square to one side!
  • T-Molding
    • slot cutter - from China for huge discount - 1/4" shaft required use of big router table which isn't flat!
  • living hinge plywood bends with veneer surface
  • backlit marquee panel
  • PiPlay AdvanceMAME install
  • Control panel: Defender layout
    • original dimensions metricated!
    • laminated laser cut ply and MDF
    • gold leaf switch buttons
    • Sanwa bat joystick with modified plate