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Bat Box
Bat Box - Finished 2.jpg
Primary Contact Danspencer101
Created 23/06/2019
Completed 23/06/2019
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Status Complete
Type Workshop Activity
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I had a go at making a Bat Box from plans on the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust website.

The wood (6" x 1" x 1200mm) was obtained from Harlow Bros. It can be brought in 4m-ish lengths for around £7. They cut it down for free into three manageable lengths that would fit into my car.


The method of manufacture is as follows:

  1. Mark out the wood with a marker pen or pencil
  2. Table Saw to do the majority of the cuts.
  3. For the side pieces with angled tops, I used the Sliding Chop Saw.
  4. Hand Miter Saw to do the 1mm deep bat ladder on the back piece.
  5. Impact Driver to screw everything together.
  6. Laser Cutter to engrave logos.
  7. Seal gaps with wood glue.