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Pictures / fuller details to follow Dclarke (talk) 09:58, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

Record Power 300mm disc sander

Originally supplied with glued-on disc.

Velcro backing has now been fitted to make discs more easily changeable (coarse grit ->> finer grits)

The Velcro-attachment makes the sanding action slightly 'softer' - see, for example discussion on woodworking forum sites.

There is a thin metal disc to use as a separator in the drawers cabinet under the Belt/Disc sander. To use this and change the sanding disc:

  1. Unplug the sander from the mains.
  2. Remove the yellow disc guard.
  3. Separate the sanding disc backing from the machine half of the Velcro at the top of the disc, being careful not to tear the machine Velcro away from the machine.
  4. Gradually work the separator into the gap, while rotating the disc assembly by hand until the entire disc comes away.

To fit a new sanding disc:

  1. Place the separator plate against the machine Velcro.
  2. Place a sanding disc against the plate and align it with the machine disc.
  3. Move the separator slightly away so that the Velcro starts to grip.
  4. Slowly remove the separator completely, massaging the two halves of the Velcro together.
  5. Make sure that the sanding disc is flat and centred correctly before replacing the yellow guard.

Record Power 150mm disc / 915mm belt sander

Supplied with glued-on disc. A stock of replacement discs in various grits exists, together with some for Velcro attachment should we change to that in future.

Belt and Disc Cleaning

As abrasive discs and belts are is used they fill up with waste material. To remove this, apply the belt/disc cleaning block to the surface of the abrasive, and 'sand away' the accumulated waste. This restores the abrasive's original colour, and greatly extends it life.

Do not allow discs and belts to get clogged up - this reduces the abrasives effectiveness, and they, and the workpiece overheat, and it takes more effort to achieve the results you want.

Belt Cleaner: Toolstation Item 37031 ( / Silverline 224688 or 218490

Dust Extraction and Safety

Both bench sanders have the same size extraction port for connection to a suitable vacuum (e.g. the grey-green Hoover ShopVac). Only one can be connected at a time, but this is unlikely to be a hindrance to use until we become much busier.

Remember that breathing dust can be hazardous to health. Wear a dust mask when using these tools. You may also find ear defenders useful as the ShopVac is rather noisy in operation!

Clean Up Afterwards!

Even with vacuum extraction, using these machines still creates a lot of dust. Always brush / vacuum away after use so as to leave the equipment ready for the next person.