Benchtop Mill

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This is a Wabeco 11400 / F1210 precision milling machine which arrived as a result of the May 2016 pledged drive for tools.

Wiki page is work-in-progress - will be completed when the mill is installed in the Hackspace workshop. The mill is currently located on a bench near the donations area and the fire doors. Currently wooden covers have been made to protect the bed, please ensure these are replaced after use.

Looks Like



Milling vice. Digital caliper-type XYZ readouts. Dial indicator and mounting.




Do not, ever, use an ordinary Jacobs-type drill chuck to hold milling tools. Collet chucks are a much more secure and safe way of holding such tools (a drill-chuck is fine when the operating force is along the axis, but will loosen dangerously if sideways forces are applied).