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This is the page about the Nottingham hackspace home-brew station. Its all about free as in beer. We are building a unit which can be used to quickly and easily brew batches of ale and lager. This is called the BrewStation. We plan on running home-brewing skills share days and at the same time produce some fine bathes of ale for general consumption.

The concept of the brew station is to have an integrated unit which includes a temperature controlled fermentation section, a cupboard for the equipment and levels on which we can perform the Mashing and the Boiling processes with ease.

Brewing basics

The three main steps in making home brew are:


Where the malted barley is warmed to release the protein and sugars for the fermentation process


Where the liquor is boiled with hops to give flavour


Turn the sugar into alcohol

Wish list

Insulation - flexible tank insulation Fermentation bins (especially 2 of the same size fermentation bins) Plastic tank fittings Plastic taps Home-brew boiling bin (the one with a heater in) Large plastic picnic cooler Plastic long handled spoons Thermometers Hydrometer Measuring jugs Scales (for around 5kg) Scales (for around 100g) Books and info on home-brew beer Sterilising solution Malt (various) Hops (various) Yeast
Item Info Quantity Obtained?
Large pieces of thin wood To cover the back and sides of the unit 2/3/4mm ply or fibre board Around 4m2
Insulation 'kingspan' type Around 4m2
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood
Large pieces of thin wood


The brew station taking shape:

photos of the system are needed here

This project is mainly being worked on by chunky (Matt Little) and Andy. Please join in.