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Nottinghack has some Brother™ knitting equipment that we use for workshops.

If you are interested in machine-knitting, please contact the mailing list.

Brother KH-881 knitting machine

One of the best punch-card knitting machines Brother ever made. It was probably manufactured in the late 70's. The quality is better than the new machines you can buy today.
The machine has all of the original accessories and some extras.

The user manual for this machine is available on the Brother FTP site. It is identical to the manual for the KH-860 (73MB).

Brother KH-910 knitting machine

We've recently received a donation of a Brother Electroknit machine. It reads patterns drawn on mylar sheets, instead of using a punch-card reader. The machine has been very well looked after and includes the full manuals.

The KH-910 Electroknit machine.
A G-carriage for the Electroknit machine.

Ribber attachment KR-850

Nottinghack has a ribber that we have not used yet. This is a large attachment that adds a second bed of needles to the knitting machine and allows you to use more techniques.

Linker attachment KA-8310

The KA-8310 linker carriage.

This attachment allows you to quickly join together two pieces of knitted fabric. The user manual for the linker is inside the box.

Transfer carriage KA-8300

Brother KA-8300 transfer carriage

We have not used this attachment yet. We think it can quickly transfer a piece of knitted fabric from one needle bed to another. It is probably intended for use with the ribber attachment. There is a user manual for the transfer carriage inside the box.

Wool winder SHW-3

An SHW-3 wool winder for winding yarn onto a cone.

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