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(add some example projects that ive got pics of)
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===Example Engravings from CNC Workshop (Basic)===
===Example Engravings from CNC Workshop (Basic)===
File:CNC Workshop (Basic) (1).jpg|[[User:Iandickinson]]'s
File:CNC Workshop (Basic) (1).jpg|Sandy's
File:CNC Workshop (Basic) (2).jpg|Sandy's
File:CNC Workshop (Basic) (2).jpg|[[User:Iandickinson]]'s

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Project CatCNC (4).jpg
Primary Contact Danspencer101
Created 10/03/2019
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Status Complete
Type Workshop Activity
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In an effort to make the CNC Mill more accessible I've developed a workshop activity based around Inventables Easel that involves engraving chopping boards. The CAM Cat was the testing vehicle for the workshop. It was produced by someone who has never used a power tool in her life, let alone CNC equipment.


See Also

For more information on the Workshops see the Google Group.

Workshop - CNC Engraving for Beginners - Thursday 14th March

Example Engravings from CNC Workshop (Basic)