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Note Note: The Cartoon Club is not currently active -- 14:55, 23 April 2012 (EST)

Cartoon Club is an Animation workshop which runs fortnightly at the Hackspace from 12th September, 6-9pm.

About Cartoon Club

We’ll be looking at all aspects of animation, from squidging bits of plasticine to drawn animation and using Kinect for motion capture! Along the way, we’ll be checking out different software, model and set making, writing and filming our own spectacular creations. We’ll also be watching some great animations to inspire ideas, and look at the techniques we can use to make great little films. The workshops are aimed at anyone with an interest in making animation, and previous experience is not necessary.

Recommended workshop cost will be £3, to cover materials, and in the future to buy kit to set up an animation resource for all users.


In the first few sessions, we'll be making simple stop-motion animations. There are loads of stop motion programs available online. Here are some examples:

Mac Software

iStopMotion -

Dragon (expensive, but rocks) -

PC Software

Stop Motion Pro -


Jellycam (free/cheap) -

AnimatorDV (free) -

Linux Software

Stopmotion -