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This category is not ready yet! Please get involved. We need to document some big gaps in our history. These pages could help and inspire people everywhere to set up their own hackspaces.

This is a collection of featured pages on this wiki that are of a high standard. These pages highlight what Nottingham Hackspace is and how we're making it happen, as well as some of the most well documented projects and events.

Our journey

What we've got now

What we do

Who we are

What we want



  • Workshops 2010 and Workshops 2011, and events to include:
  • Heating, to include:
    • The abattoir curtain
    • The spaceheater
    • Pay-per-hour hackheat
  • Decorating the space
  • Projects, to include:
    • Reprap Prusa:- Printed parts list, bom, pledges for bits, status, instructions Running costs
      • created page and non-printed BOM with up to date got/not-got --Michael Erskine 09:43, 23 May 2011 (BST)
      • Added printed parts table, but i need to sort --'RepRap' Matt
    • Cnc mill:- instructions, pledge/running cost, suitable materials
    • Big track:- convert to arduino, lipo battery, recreat software
    • Hackspace instrumentation:- general page, mqtt systems, cacti, irc, twitter, each node own page
    • Laser cutter - --Dominic 23:08, 20 May 2011 (BST) To update by 01/06/2011
    • Tetris clock:- parts number of identifiable stuff, logic probe busses, build control input
    • Kinect:-
    • Ti Watches

More featured pages

The list below shows more featured projects and pages on this wiki. To qualify to be 'Featured', a page should:

  • describe something really important to the hackspace; or
  • be written really well; or
  • otherwise be awesome!