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Tables like this
Classroom default arrangement
Classroom secondary arrangement

The Classroom is table-less. This is a pledge drive for tables to make the space usable for members to use the room and classes, events and other things to make better use of the space.

Each table is £87.60 (inc VAT), and 4 would be a good minimum purchase (£350.40) and 8 would be the maximum needed for the space allocated (£700.80). Delivery is free.

The tables will match the sturdy tables in the Studio which have lasted for years and can accomodate 2 people side by side with enough space for laptops and kit, for example when Arduino programming.

Common Questions

Why is this not being brought out of central funds? The trustees are vetting all spends during the current financial issues, and this is something they can't priortise yet.

Why not just buy some Ikea (or insert cheaper table brand here) tables? The ones in the classroom will need to be able to support larger weights, have proper strong metal legs and enough space for two people side by side. The studio tables were used to design the space in the classroom.

What will be run in the space once tables are purchased? The classroom will have a projector and will be able to run events such as workshops and classes, members can use it as another working space, members meetings will take place there and things like LAN parties may also work better there.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference XX where XX is your initials and list the reference used below.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Andrew Armstrong £40 No