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| Sam Roberts || Twisted Lifter || -
| Sam Roberts || Twisted Lifter || -
| Sam Roberts || Spare (unnamed) || -
| Sam Roberts || Chewdas Priest || -
| Becky Dowson || Thwack Sabbath || -
| Becky Dowson || Thwack Sabbath || -

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Combat Robotics
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Members McMullet
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Version 1 NH Antweight Rules

See RobotWars101 for the full Antweight rules and the FRA for general combat robotics rules in the UK. All of these rules/guidelines should be followed unless there is an exception below.

Weight Limit

  • The robot should weigh no more than 150g
  • If it weighs a bit more than 150g, then that's probably fine as long as you're not obviously cheating

Size Limit

  • There is no limit on the robot's dimensions (the 4" cube rule is not enforced)
  • If you are obviously trying to gain an advantage purely by making the robot gigantic, then you will need to be less obvious

Note: if you want to participate at other events around the UK, be aware that enforcement of the 4" cube varies a lot

Open Arena

  • All fights will take place without an enclosure
  • The following weapons are therefore not allowed:
    • Flywheels or other kinetic energy spinning weapons
    • Circular saws or drills
    • High-energy springs

This is not an exhaustive list and the marshal will review the safety of every robot during tech checks.

Inaugural Event - 30th of April 2022!

If you'd like to join us for the first ever Nottinghack robot event, please add your name below!

Attendees list
Roboteer Name Are you bringing a robot? If so enter the name Any advice or parts needed?
Sam Roberts Twisted Lifter -
Sam Roberts Chewdas Priest -
Becky Dowson Thwack Sabbath -
Simon Lindsay Alice Scooper -
Steve Barnett Cheese Dreams -
Steve Barnett Time For Crab! -
... ... ...


Slideshow by McMullet from 23-03-2022