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Tubs and other places where consumable stuff is

This can't yet tell you where the item you want is, but it may help to know that there is a supply of it, somewhere in the Hackspace.

This is simply the label as it appears on the container.

More information (e.g. size / type / fullness and details of contents) to follow.--Dclarke 12:41, 19 June 2012 (EST)

== Tubs == (incomplete)

DC Power 12-24V

Data Cables (Centronics, Serial, SCSI, KVM and others)


Knitting Machine Supplies


More Kettle Leads

More Cloverleaf and Shaver leads

Darkroom Stuff

SCART cables


Cable Ties and rapstraps

Fans Assorted

Kettle Leads

Assorted Batteries

USB Cables (+FireWire, Phone, Modem, & VGA)

Wheels and small Castors

Sticky Tapes

Adhesives and Sticky Stuff

== Paint Cabinet == (incomplete)

PVA glue

Various Acrylic / Silicone sealants