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Consumables Group

This is a newly-formed group of volunteers who aim to maintain the presence of items which are considered to be useful to have at all times. Tea is possibly the most important of these! Items ti be kept in stock are marked below with a *. If you notice anything in short supply or absent there are a couple of whiteboards or a message may be left on the Nottinghack Google group forum. Eventually there will be an email address which will copy to all members of the group.

Tubs and other places where consumable stuff is

This can't yet tell you where the item you want is, but it may help to know that there is a supply of it, somewhere in the Hackspace.

This is simply the label as it appears on the container.

More information (e.g. size / type / fullness and details of contents) to follow.--Dclarke 12:41, 19 June 2012 (EST)

Some of these containers need to move to more logical locations.

Tubs (in the main consumables rack)

Data Cables (Centronics, Serial, SCSI, KVM and others)


Knitting Machine Supplies


Darkroom Stuff

SCART cables


Cable Ties and rapstraps

Fans Assorted

Assorted Batteries

USB Cables (+FireWire, Phone, Modem, & VGA)

Wheels and small Castors

Sticky Tapes

Adhesives and Sticky Stuff

Storage Containers

Clear Plastic Bags


Hot glue & all sizes glue guns

Remote Control

Protective Clothing


Lock Stuff

Power Cables, Extensions, 4-ways



T Shirts

Cardio & Physio logical sensors

IPAQ, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Compact Flash, MP3

Test gear (multimeters, etc.)



Big Castors

AV Gear

Assorted LEDs

Audio Cables & stuff

Radio Control, Nicads & Charger stuff

Plugs & Adaptors, Timers

Heat Shrink

Light Bulbs assorted

Mains Wiring

Sockets (Mains)

Lighting & Ducting

Bare Cable

Kitchen Cabinet Stuff


Pegboard and Tool Hooks

Webbing, Belts, etc.

WiFi / ADSL / Powerline

Boxes (stored in the electronics area shelving

Large Optics

Shafts and Axles

Ikea GreenTops (stored in the electronics area shelving

Tektronix wax-ink

Tiny Screws

Grey / Polystyrene drawers (electronics area)



Machine Screws

Nuts / Washers

Self-tapping screws

1" & 1½" No8 screws

Large Blue / Polystyrene drawers (electronics area)

Small Washers

Joint Blocks

1"csk woodscrews

1¼"csk woodscrews

1" RH nails

Sticky and other Feet

Brass Knobs


Nuts / Washers

Anchor Trays (in the main consumables rack)

AC 8-24V PSUs

DC 3-9V PSUs

DC 10-24V PSUs

DC Adjustable PSUs

Ethernet Installation (x2)

Locks and Security Hardware

Phone, Charger & Misc PSUs

19" Rack Fittings

Kettle Leads

More Kettle Leads

Shaver & Cloverleaf Leads

CNC Cables

SMA tins (stock for use)

SMA tins in Anchor Trays (electronics area)

1. Faston Wires 1. Flashgun parts (Joule Thieves) 1. CFL parts (Joule Thieves) 1. Rack Shelf Clips 1. Xenon Beacons 1. Motor for Robotic Arm

Paint Cabinet

In addition to paint, which may often be leftovers from people's projects and so not listed in detail - have a look for yourself!

PVA glue

Various Acrylic / Silicone sealants

Silicone lubricant spray


3-in-One oil


Red oxide primer

Polyfilla (or Wilko's equivalent)

ClipLock Polytubs on Shelves between Blue room and kitchen / Craft Area

Sculpting Tools

Fabric printing



Plastic Tubs

Wheels & Gears


Small Tins




Kite Stuff



Louvre Panel Bins ("LinBins") - Various Locations


Kitchen Cabinet Stuff


Big Hooks

Craft Room

Black Sew-On Velcro Reels (similar to this)

Non-slip matting (similar to this)