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Consumables List

Infrastructure Consumables

Consumable Quantity Req Frequency Cost Notes
Toilet Paper Multi Pack Monthly £

Consumable Priority Quantity Req Notes Cost
Wire 1 1 or more Single core £
Solder 1 1 or more Lead free 100g roll from Maplin(N29AR) £
De-Soldering braid / Solder wick 1 1 or more £
Assorted Resistors £
Assorted Capacitors £
Assorted Diodes £
Assorted LEDs £
Assorted Transistors Inc Power £
Stripboard £
0.1 inch header strips £
A4 Paper £
Post-it Pad's £
Stanley Blades 1 20+ For when we get some Stanley Knives --Lwk £
Pencils (with erasers!) 1 1 pack £
Assorted zip ties £
Assorted ziplock bags £
Wire Wool £

Remember we have lots of parts to salvage from the 2-box system!

See Also

This list needs populating. I've set aside £100 of the Hackspace funds for consumables. I'd like to place an order with CPC before the end of Feb! Dominic