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Current Status

We are currently in Level 1. This means you can request access via. the Nottinghack HMS (Hackspace Management System). A video of how to apply via. HMS is available.

All requests are approved by a trustee. A reason must be provided, which details what you are planning to do or why you need to go and it is "essential". Once approved an email with confirmation will be sent to your email address.

These bookable slots are up to 3 hours in length; you make a single booking at a time for yourself only and no guests are allowed. You should exit the space before your time is up by the workshop door (if upstairs).

New requests for access are reviewed between 9AM and 5PM - you should request at least a day in advance and there is no guarantee of a request being approved. Even if approved the trustees will always have oversight of bookings and may suggest new times or revoke access if required for some reason. You will be clearly informed if this is ever the case.


There are a number of rules that must be adhered to with the current, and likely future levels of opening:

  1. Bring what you need and take home everything you bring; clean up after yourself.
  2. Do not leave the space late for any reason.
  3. Leave only by the workshop door if upstairs, not the spiral staircase door, and tag yourself out properly and switch all lights off. A video guide to turning off lights and exiting here.
  4. Do not attempt to use tools the Trustees have deemed dangerous during sole occupancy, eg: Table Saw. These will be marked and turned off.

Once multiple occupancy is introduced there will be an additional rule on the use of masks in the presence of others and social distancing requirements.

These are for your own safety and the safety of others. The trustees will be enforcing these rules and any rule breaking will be taken seriously. You can email the trustees or contact them on slack about any potential issues.

Hackspace COVID-19 FAQ

Q. I have COVID-19, should I come to the Space?
A. No, you should shelter in place and call 111.

Q. Should I use the table saw or other dangerous tool?
A. No, the table saw is a witch that will steal your fingers. You should not use dangerous tools. No one will find your bloody body for days. The tools deemed too dangerous to use alone will be marked and made inoperable. Using them is against the rules above.

Q. If I am allowed to access the space does this mean you have cleaned it and made it safe for me to use?
A. No, you should clean surfaces, wash your hands regularly and take any soaps, towels or other supplies with you, that you may rely upon.

Q. Will I be alone in space?
A. You might be, one or two other members or volunteers may be at the space at the same time, social distancing of 2 or more metres still applies. Consider wearing gloves and a mask. Vacate the space if there are more people than you expected or than feels safe, and inform trustees.

Q. Whilst I’m in the space the doorbell rang, what do I do?
A. You ignore it. Do not allow others to tailgate you into space. Do not let others, even other members enter the space. Members who have been granted access will have RFID access. If in doubt email the trustees or go onto team slack and DM a trustee.

Q. Is it okay to cook and prepare food at the Space?
A. No, we do not condone having cookable food brought in. Non-cooking food and drink may be brought in if all waste is taken away. The vending machines are not fully stocked. Note: The fridge has been turned off and dishwasher is not to be used (wash up things please). Cutlery and plates have been removed since they will not be needed in the circumstances. Tea and coffee are still available but mugs must be washed or your own mug brought in.

Q. I need to collect my project/something from my box/etc from the space. Is this okay?
A. Yes, you will need to contact trustees for access.

Q. Can I still use the laser cutter?
A. Yes, if this is essential.

Q. Can I use the 3D Printers?
A. 3D printing takes a very long time. You need to carefully consider how long the print will take and inform the trustees when you make your access request.

Re-Opening Plans

These plans are undergoing constant changes and adjustments, but detail some of the future File:Nottinghack CONTINGENCY PLANS v8.pdf