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Pledge fund for the creation of a DIY open source laser cutter for Nottinghack

The initial target goal was for £1000 to create a copy of the build log laser cutter

Stretch Goal 1 - £1250

Like any good kickstarter style project we need some additional goals, because of the speed that the first goal I'll say £1250 will get a 300x400 cutting area and a 60W laser

Stretch Goal 2 - £1500

The second goal would be to make it larger again. I think a 450x800 cutting area and an 80W laser would be a very admirable place to be. (hopefully not overstepping my bounds with these new goals, Martin)

Who How Much Paid Method Paid
James H £200
Martin £200
Kai £100
Steve £100
Dominic £200
Ric £50
David C £25
James F £125
Matthew G £100
Gareth £150
Andy N £50
Joe £100
Totals £1400