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Dclarke (talk) 08:56, 28 January 2014 (EST)

A benchtop Denford Novaturn CNC lathe

The Denford CNC Lathe

The novaturn lathe has been in the space for some time and has had very little use to date it is NOT a scary hard to use machine and is avaialble for use by any member without induction.

Obviously take care when using, if you are unsure of anything ASK SOMEONE, a a good place to ask is the google group. If you have never used a Lathe or CNC machine at all before the learning curve can be a little steep but should be manageable.

There are a number of good 'howto' videos on youtube See Part1 and Part 2

The lathe used is the same as ours except that we have a 8 position automatic tool changer.

The novaturn software has a simulation mode' that lets you program a part an run it on the computer only to check all is well before you actually cut it out for real. This gives an easy confidence boost.

Other reference: Novaturn Manual is available HERE