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The dusty area (some project background) is where most sawdust-generating in the workshop area should take place. This is to prevent this dust getting to more sensitive equipment, such as laser cutters (obviously) and metalwork machinery (mill, lathe) where sawdust could attract damp and cause rusting.

Looks Like

Dusty area main.jpg

Below are some photos of the main tools within the dusty area.

For now, the area simply contains the dust created. Sweeping up and vacuuming is still necessary, as is the wearing of breathing-protective masks (available in the Safety Equipment area), especially when working with more hazardous material such as MDF, plywood, and some toxic natural woods.

We now have a large industrial dust / chip extractor hooked up to the Kity table saw.

Possibly hinged to the window wall so that the space can easily be switched from use for sanding and for cutting larger sheet materials using the table saw.
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