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So for better or for worse there we are.
So for better or for worse there we are.
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2015-05-29, 21:00ish in the King Billy


Gathering ideas, no criticism or filtering just any ideas no matter how out there.


For better or for worse, here's a list of what was drunkenly scrawled. In computer-randomized order:

  • Actual Organiser Jonty LeHack
  • Mornington Olympics, with co-hosts Hitchen Hackspace
  • Clue collecting games
  • Giant Rube Goldberg machine
  • Random 4-chan t-shirt printer
  • Laser cutter scarification
  • Tesla! The Opera!
  • Gore practical effects performance
  • FiFi le spew the hurling burlesque act (hurlesque!)
  • Crystal healing with crystal meth
  • Wheel of misfortune
  • Sherry go-round
  • Audio disruption quiz show game
  • Arduino workshop
  • Dark tent + IR cameras + joker with night vision goggles
  • Food hacking workshops
  • Audio disruption! The Opera!
  • QWOP robot
  • Reverse controls mobility scooter
  • Roller coaster
  • Angry villagers! The Opera!
  • Fire tornado machine
  • "Assault" course (sponsored acubeating)
  • Hype-a-queue 2
  • Rubens tubes / grid
  • C-5 dragster racing
  • Pessimistic fortune teller
  • Pitchforks and torches parade to burn the windmill
  • Self-destructing machine
  • Anti Segway
  • Prosecco!
  • Push the tempo video (ask Michael)
  • Pedal powered bad movie night
  • Fartnado
  • Flaming hackspace sign (green flame!)
  • Sideshow: freak show of mutant white goods
  • Lots of mousetraps
  • EMF Camp 2016 Ideas/Mutant bikes
  • Post apocalyptic mobility scooter war drive
  • Textiles workshop
  • Unicycling jousting workshop
  • The mechanical jerk
  • Apocalypse Bingo
  • Human QWOP
  • Hamster wheel based THING
  • Giant rabbit vehicle
  • Body scanner w/ bug overlay
  • Traps!
  • Something religious
  • Tesla coil installation
  • Heston! The Opera!
  • Giant zoetrope
  • LCD blackout glasses (peril sensitive?)
  • Electric shock jenga
  • Human marionette using electro-stimulation pads
  • Wall of life
  • Reverse binocular games
  • Rick rolling silent disco
  • Blow all the money on a luxury toilet for Nottinghackers only
  • Rick Mayall rolling
  • Flashmobbing the least attended talk
  • Liquid nitrogen smashing machine (dowses with liq-N, hits with hammer)
  • Aura reading machine - with cocks
  • Giant rabbit
  • Trailer/caravan which converts to self-driving vehicle
  • Coke snorting robot (giant vacuum insnuflates empty coke cans)
  • Light up climbing frame
  • Fire: weather balloon filled with propane + flame
  • Unicorn jousting
  • Adult playground - large sized roundabouts and such
  • Dangly rope light interactive exhibit
  • Insult course

So for better or for worse there we are.