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It was suggested that as part of EMF Camp 2020 we do a pledge drive for one or more tickets as a "Pay it forward" style generosity drive.

This is just a separate page from the main EMF one to organise this and put forward pledges (similar to a normal pledge drive). Due to the date of the event being in July we can likely secure tickets up maybe until the end of May.

Common Questions

How do I apply for the ticket raffle?

The trustees will organise this to be a safe, anonymous and fair. If you want to put in a request do so by emailing the trustees.

Will transport be included?

We are aiming to take large items in transport van.

Carpooling is common to EMF - it is likely you'll find a space with someone going see EMF Camp 2020 for more details of who is going when and who has car spaces. Of course there may be a minor chip in if the person needs petrol or parking fee money.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference EMFPIF-XX (EMF Pay it forward) where XX is your initials and list the reference used below. This separates it from a general EMF payment - don't feel like you need to be at EMF to pledge after all.

Who How Much Paid? Payment Method
Andrew Armstrong £10 No EMFPIF-AA

Note: Please try to make payment asap once target is met. Payment can be made by:

  • bank transfer (details on HMS)
  • cash to a Trustee.
  • cash posted into the safe next to the money gobbler(slot on top) please put in envelope with your name,pledge amount and "for Tables pledge drive".

Pledge Goal

Each ticket is £140. If we get a real drive for multiple tickets then great!

One Ticket

One Tickets

Three Tickets