EMF 2022 Village Pledge

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EMF Camp 2022 is going to run a Village; this requires us to have somewhere to do things. A pledge towards this would help fund this.

Common Questions

Note this is out of date; we instead are helping run a workshop tent and have a gazebo for our village/snackspace area, with around £32 spent on chairs and tables for it instead meaning the funding isn't required.

What do we need at what cost?

There are 3 main things we can get - the prices may go up these are based on the last time it was run:

  • Marquee - 6x9 meters is around £500 (There are cheaper smaller options)
  • Tables - 10 tables is around £70 (amount may depend on how many fit in/how big they are)
  • Chairs - 20 chairs is around £30 (2 per table)

Total around £600.

If 30 people go this would be around £20 each if you want a guideline.

If there is available funds we may also help stock Snackspace and Barbot.

What won't this pay for?

We have agreement for transport of (some) village items down already from Ben, and we won't be paying for general food for the village with this.

The barbot and snackspace funds may come from the Trustees with a view the village gets the money back by people buying or donating for them.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference EMFVIL-XX (EMF Village) where XX is your initials and list the reference used below.

Who How Much Paid? Payment Method
Andrew Armstrong £50 No EMFVIL-AA
Betty Ching £25 No EMFVIL-BC

Note: Please try to make payment asap once target is met. Payment can be made by:

  • bank transfer (details on HMS)
  • cash to a Trustee.
  • cash posted into the safe next to the money gobbler(slot on top) please put in envelope with your name,pledge amount and "for Tables pledge drive".

Pledge Goal

Aim is for £600 for a basic village with a large marquee. This amount may alter if the prices from the EMF team alter it.

Main Marquee

Additional funds for Snackspace and Barbot / workshop things maybe