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The site will open to ticket holders at 10:00 Friday morning. All ticket holders must leave the site by 12:00 Monday.


Who's going?

Be sure to create an account on the Electromagnetic Field Wiki and add yourself to the Nottingham Hackspace Village page.

Name Ticket Bought Transport
Mouse Yes BarBot Van
Michael E Yes travel with Andrew A.
Toby Yes BarBot Van
Andrew A Yes Car
James F Yes Train & Bicycle
Michelle S Yes Train & Bicycle
David H ? ?
Kate Yes ?
Sophie Yes Car
Adam C Yes Car
James H Yes Car, won't be there until late Friday
Gillian Z Yes Van/Car
Dominic Yes Van
Martin R Yes Car
Matt Little Yes Car
'RepRap' Matt Yes Train? (Going down early for badge setup)
Ian D Yes Car
Rob H Yes Car
Iain S Yes Camper
Adam F Yes Car
Ed Raisin Yes Car
Ian E Yes Car with Sarah P
Sarah P Yes Car with Ian E
Vicki W Yes Car
Rob Miles Yes ?
Lianne B-L (Toby's friend) Yes Own Car
Ant Godber Yes Own Car


So, who's driving and has lifts to offer?

Driver Passenger capacity Leaving from Leaving when Retuning Current passengers Notes
Mouse 2 Nottingham Thu 28th, 11:00 from Nottinghack TBA, possibly Sun 31st, 19:00 Banjoface Renting a transit to take BarBot + booze + my camping stuff. Looking to share fuel costs, should have room to take larger items but will probably end up taking stuff for the Nottinghack Village, so can't guarantee that. Contact me sooner rather than later to find out about space for larger items.
Andrew Armstrong 4 (more likely 3 with stuffs) Nottingham Friday morning Sunday afternoon Michael E, Kate B, Adam F Car from Nottingham. Has roof rack.
Dominic Morrow 1 Nottingham Wednesday/Thursday Monday or later Gillian maybe Passenger: Gillian unless she heads down on Friday, van will be full of LAZORS phew phew...
Rob Hunt 2 (to allow space for stuff) Nottingham Friday TBA (Sun/Mon) - Car from Nottinghack.
Matt Little 1 or 2 (to allow space for stuff) Nottingham Thursday Monday - Car from Forest Fields (could head to hackspace.


If you'd like to be catered for at EMF Camp this year, please add a row into this table stating as such.

Proposed menu is available here, but if you've got any preferences or suggestions please say so/add a row to the table.

I'll be bringing along a decent selection of home baked cakes and sweet stuffs regardless.

  • re Cereal for breakfast: happy to provide some but not sure what the milk situation will be or if people are happy to drink UHT milk on cereal.
Name Food Dietary Req Veggie? Paid? Reference
Sophie W Yes None No
Adam C Yes None No
Dominic Yes None No
Gillian Yes None No
'RepRap' Matt Yes None No YES EMFCAMP-FOOD-ML
Matt Little Yes None No YES EMFCAMP-FOOD-ML
Mouse Yes Delicious No
James Yes MEAT! No
James F Yes Yes
Michelle Yes Prefer veggie, Chicken/fish fine. No red meat please yes
Michael E Yes I require all James H's food to be devoid of flavour! Yes Yes EMFCAMP-FOOD-ME
Kate Yes No No
Iain S Yes None No
Andrew Armstrong Yes None No
Toby Jackson Yes None No
Ed Raisin Yes None No
Adam F Yes None No Yes LaserAF
Vicki W Yes Picky cow No
Rob Miles Yes No meat, fish ok
Lianne B-L (Toby's friend) Yes Veggie
Ant Godber Yes None No


We are taking a van down details here


We will be playing music: Michael E., Mouse, Toby, Rob Miles. Bring instruments!


For more info on the village and preparation please see the separate Village page.