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| [[User:layjet|James Taylor]] || No || Train/Car sharing || Yes! || Thursday || Monday
| [[User:layjet|James Taylor]] || No || Train/Car sharing || Yes! || Thursday || Monday
== See Also ==
[[EMF 2018 Collaboration]]

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Event Info

Date August 31st - September 2nd, 2018
Location TBA
Ticket Prices TBA
Official EMF org links TBA
Availability There will be XX tickets available. Demand looks to be high, so get your ticket early if you don't want to be dissapointed. Also there are likely to be early bird deals if you do that.


Every year, we go as a big group and set up the Nottingham Hackspace village. We offer something to EMF attendees (last year we did BarBot and Snackspace) and we also combine our resources to feed us all for the three days. There is obviously a cost to this, and last year we split this - £20 for food, £10 for the village, per person

If you are interested in joining the village for 2018, please fill in the table below - we'll need to have a proper planning meeting closer to Christmas!

Name Ticket Bought Transport Food Going On Returning On
James Hayward No Car Yes! Thursday Monday
'RepRap' Matt No Other Yes! Way before anyone else Some time after everyone else
Ben White No Car Yes Thursday Monday
James Taylor No Train/Car sharing Yes! Thursday Monday

See Also

EMF 2018 Collaboration