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Meeting in classroom to discuss EMF 2020 primarily the village and related things.


Immediate EMF questions (and some answers from Matt):

  • Canvas Tents and other bits for village - can buy at some point from the main EMF website, the planned location to be done via. the "Village team", so more organised locations.
    • Prices from past 2018 event (add 10% for inflation): The prices for tents are:
      • 6m x 9m : £489.50
      • 6m x 6m : £402.50
      • 3m x 9m : £315.00
      • 3m x 6m : £227.50
      • 3m x 3m : £140
      • Chairs : £1.32
      • Table: £5.64
  • Tickets for people running village workshops, or helping setup/teardown - will ask
  • Pay it forward ticket - will ask
  • Access for transport to unload/load on setup/teardown days - will ask

People to organise days for shared projects, eg Barbot.


Info to go on wiki:

  • When we know rough costs - say £15-20 for pledging to help pay for tent, transport etc.
  • Info on carpooling
  • Info on arrival and teardown days Nottinghack will do

For anyone - not just meeting attendees - collate all the things we're doing - use the wiki! Can sort transport then.

Ways to get tickets - volunteering, talks, and ask about setup and teardown - eg: James Spence doing our transport (and others?).

Workshops are of a variety of things; making things for kids up to advanced stuff for adults. Costs of workshops can be generally materials.

Need to remember to take: Card machine reader for workshop and snackspace payments / barbot donations.

Village and Projects:

  • Tent cost and also are they lit? Sizes? (Will check more thoroughly when available)
  • Snackspace might be fun again (maybe also some healthy options)
  • Barbot in the evening potentially (needs fixing first! and improving!) - Several people interested in fixing it (Andrew, Samathy, Dan, Daniel, and others)
  • Samathy - Graham Sutherland laser show at the Nottinghack village? (later notes: He's got spare laser stuff but no spare controllers, maybe we'll sort a controller or run it in demo modes)
  • Village Workshops?
    • Sounds like enough interest for 4-7 hours of workshops of a variety of things
    • Calendar for the village stuff - see:
    • Power to the village - power tools potentially. Need some more extension leads potentially even just for soldering irons.
  • Alex, Dan, Samathy, Andrew - potentially running workshop at the Nottinghack village
    • Dan may doing boomerangs
    • Badge Making, LED necklaces, etc. could be done (checked; have a stock of badges, may need to grab some more)
    • (Maybe lighting as a theme?)
    • Dan - potential CNC workshop! (if he can either sort the current one to make it more portable or have someone bring a more portable one)
    • Dan - Bridge building - cocktail sticks and pingpong balls to span a gap
  • Alex can likely get folding tables - 5-8 of them
  • Project to show off:
    • Alex - games made
    • Alex - Joust mania using raspberry pi (better for evening)
  • Samathy - Offered to get stickers and maybe other things
  • Show off in the tent:
    • Need to know what people are bringing - for transport and to fit it in the tent
    • Dan - Big light fixture - something that looks cool (Andrew would love a retro billboard/movie board...)
    • Samathy - LED Laser Display Board
    • Dan - Hacky racers - may do a group Hackspace one but will do one himself at least
  • Pay it forward ("Hack it forward") ticket - can we get one from EMF if we get it funded? To check. Trustees would organise who gets it (people ask them, they draw from the hat).