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* Dungeon Crawl Classics - Steve B may run this as a session
* See main page
* Betty's workshops - for kids, can have assistance
* No printer for MUG workshop sadly
* Need to start schedule for workshops and evening (Barbot) - action for Andrew to start this (Friday / Saturday / Sunday)
* Mug workshop - we apparently have a kit - probably won't be able to do if we can't find the printer for our mug printing kit? Mike Haber suggested.
** May need the ink
** Betty to find the mug stuff
** Need to probably order some suitable mugs as well - perhaps order some for use also with our coffee/tea mornings
** Betty has some pens as well
Thinking of COVID:
Other bits and bobs:
* Workshops with shared tools or equipment - need wipes and cleaning material
* May bring PS2 - Betty, Mike
Coffee and hot drinks in the morning:
* Could do with a water heater
** Betty might be able to borrow one from work
* Drip coffee machine
** Mike Haber can have a look for one
* Need to decide if self service or not
* Rough price list needed - even if donations some "suggested donations"
* Washing up bowl and gloves
* Need to find mugs - mug drive perhaps from members
Shopping list:
* Cleaning stuff for COVID
* Washing up bowl, gloves, washing up liquid
* Coffee and Tea for the hot drinks
** Coffee packets recommended - brand name would be good - need to decide pricing too (maybe £1)
* Snackspace items
** Andrew has some things past best before (damn COVID!) will bring along, may not sell though
** Shopping list needed for Makro, or a run there "early" so we can get some stuff
* Stationary - whiteboard pens (pack of them) for instance
Linking event with the Hackspace:
* From:
** Gareth: As there’s Wi-Fi there, could we maybe do some kind of live collaboration on something silly with the space for those who can’t be there?
** Steve: Virtual Challenge Anneka where people in the HS guide someone at EMF through some madness. :P I'm not volunteering though.
** Gareth: Perfect! Can we get a helicopter?
* Nice to link to the hackspace
* Boiler suits?
* Gareth will have a think about this
* Ben Caller and Andrew Armstrong working on it today, cleaned mostly, new tubing for a lot of tubes
* Mocktails - possibly look at the code
* Cleaning and replacing tubes and motors
* Have a social night for fundraising
* Need to sort a full list of things to buy for it (umbrellas, plastic glasses, etc.)
* Unmanned by default - self-serve coffee/tea/snackspace
* Workshops - schedule in
* Signage and banners - take the banner
** Signage for snackspace and for the schedule
** Check space for whiteboards
* Sack truck or trolley? Not got really any in the space
** Andrew to order - trolley for gardening from Machine Mart - need to order
* Andrew - Village tents - need to talk to organisers

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Going down transport:

  • People seem good on transport
  • Van with Graham (full sized transit van) - Monday night - Tuesday heading down
    • Can grab things out the van whenever on site but Graham will leave things like Barbot in Workshop Tent 1 which will be "ours"
    • Coming back Monday, Sunday evening is a full evening, unload Monday evening
  • Classroom for items to take, at the back

Things to transport:

Workshop Tent and our Village:

  • Betty can bring in a 3x3m gazebo with sides
  • Order 4 tables and 10 chairs from EMF
  • Workshop tent workshop tent 1 just at the top of camping B - https://map.emfcamp.org/


  • See main page
  • No printer for MUG workshop sadly

Other bits and bobs:

  • May bring PS2 - Betty, Mike