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====Creating a .bmp====
====Creating a .bmp====
Many program can create .bmp bitmps:
Many program can create .bmp bitmaps:
* [https://www.getpaint.net Paint.net] (Windows)
* [https://www.getpaint.net Paint.net] (Windows)

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Embroidery Machine
NV750EU1 l.jpg
Manufacturer Brother
Model Innov-is 750E
Obtained Pledge Drive (August 2016)
Location Textiles Workshop
Team Craft & Textiles
Induction Required Yes (use request form)
Booking {{{booking}}}
Status Defunct
Tools:   all pageslistPower ToolsBroken tools     {{}}

Thanks to the Embroidery Pledge we now have a Brother Innov-is 750E Embroidery Machine.

How to use

Some guideline on using the machine are on the Embroidery Machine/Inductions page. Also, see the manuals and web-videos linked below.


The official software for the machine is available online, but costs about £400 see Software (Brother). However, there are alternatives:

PE Design

As the Maunal explains, if you are just importing and tweaking .bmp files, so you can use any image editor to make your design, then tweak it in PE Design.

Creating a .bmp

Many program can create .bmp bitmaps:

  • Paint.net (Windows)
  • GIMP (Windows, Linux)
  • MTPaint (Windows, Linux)

Other programs can export .png bitmaps which can be converted to .bmp files:

  • Inkscape (Windows, Linux)


Further reading

linux software @ libregraphicsworld.org

Check out Vince J. Accuri's very detailed videos of the Brother PE-770, especially these ones: -