Embroidery Pledge

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Main page for the machine is here Embroidery Machine

Product page: http://bit.ly/25UWkR4

This pledge is for a computerised embroidery machine, like the Brother Innov-is 750E shown to the right.

We can get this machine for around £900, and it comes with 136 designs built in, as well as ~3 fonts for letters.

It also accepts designs through the USB stick, which you can create with the Brother software, which is included with the machine.

This pledge is currently for a machine, not necessarily the one above. Feel free to suggest other machines on the talk page, or on the Google Group post.

List of pledges

Please only post on the Google Group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
James £40 No --
Joshua Kelly £25 No --
LoraEm £50 No --
Matthew Walton £30 No --
Kirsty Lockhart £20 No --
Michael Erskine £80 Yes Transfer
Adam F £20 No Transfer 19/8/16 PledgeEMAF
Marky Domleo £100 No --
Russell Houghton £30 No --
Becca T £20 Yes Transfer
Mouse £40 No --
Bob Wood £10 Yes Xfer
Ian D and Sue D £30 Yes Bank transfer 18/08/16 PledgeEMID
Kate £15 No --
Greg Duckworth £30 No --
Owen C £20 Yes Transfer
Matt Pritchard £20 No --
Toby £25 No --
Gill Z £25 No --
Paul H £40 No --
Phil Parry £30 No --
Tasos £25 Yes Bank Xfer 18/08/16 PledgeEMAA
Tom Grover £40 No --
Aaron Dobie £5 Yes Bank Xfer 17.08.16
Alan Woodcock £50 Yes Transfer
Matt Little £20 Yes Bank transfer 18/08/16 PledgeEMMEL
Martin Raynsford £20 No --
John Moody £40 No --
Michelle S £20 Yes Bank transfer 17/08/16 PledgeEM-MS
C Clark £15 No -- --