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[http://machine.archives.verhey.org/files/original/927d1f82b643bf241912a235307cc191.pdf Manual for our machine.]
[http://machine.archives.verhey.org/files/original/927d1f82b643bf241912a235307cc191.pdf Manual for our machine.]
[https://www.eternaltools.com/carbide-engraving-bits Source of commercial tungsten carbide engraving bits.]
[https://www.eternaltools.com/carbide-engraving-bits potential source of commercial tungsten carbide engraving bits.]
[http://www.pantograph.co.uk/engraving-cutters-diamonds.htm Additional source of taper shank engraving bits and metal copy]

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Pledge for a Rank-Taylor-Hobson Pantograph Engraving Machine and associated tooling and templates.

Available Buy it now on eBay for £200, and monies over and above the pledge will go towards collection.

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This gives us the option to do more detailed 3D engraving than the laser can achieve, in a far wider range of materials.

Example of detailed metal engraving possible with pantograph.

As a pantograph is simple to operate compared to setting up engraving paths on a CNC router, the laser can be used to prepare templates for 2D work quickly, and with a little thought to produce stacked templates for 3D work too; making this kind of detailed finish available to a much wider range of users.

Further Details

We've passed the pledge mark now, but before the trustees will sign off on this, we need to justify that it can fit into the space.

The current proposal is to put it alongside the mini mill and lathe; which requires moving the donations shelves, paint shelf, bike racks and cycle tools areas around 2 feet right (towards the spray booth).

Useful text on the use of pantograph engravers for interested parties.

Manual for our machine.

potential source of commercial tungsten carbide engraving bits.

Additional source of taper shank engraving bits and metal copy



It has been agreed with the trustees that the Pantograph will initially go behind the Vertical Bandsaw and Myford Tooling Rack (but not the lathe itself), to take advantage of the dead space, flooring and existing power supply.

This will mean users of the cycle racks taking extra care to ensure their bikes don't block the gangway, with the reduced space.


We successfully bought the engraver for £210, and the trustees will be paying the seller directly.


Collection from Shipley has not been arranged yet, will update once organised.

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference PLEDGEEG-XX where XX is your initials

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Jelly £50 No --
Tom Grover £30 No --
Toby Jackson £50 No --
Steve Barnett £20 No --
Arthur Moore £20 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
James Taylor £20 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
Dan Spencer £10 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
Martin Richter £10 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
Bob Wood £10 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)