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==Types of event==
==Types of event==
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File:Arduino Sundae 2010.jpg|An electronics workshop at Nottingham Hackspace 1.0
File:Stallman_talk_audience.jpg|The audience at a talk by Richard Stallman at Nottingham Hackspace
File:HTSD 8th Feb 2019 - Studio Floor Removed.jpg|Hacking the Space
File:Southwold_pier_trip_2011.jpg|A trip to Southwold Pier
File:Arduino Sundae 2010.jpg|More Workshops
File:Southwold_pier_trip_2011.jpg|Big trips out
File:Stallman_talk_audience.jpg|Talks from guest speakers

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Events are a great way for us to get together, share ideas and have fun.

Upcoming Events

Check the google calendar for the full list of upcoming events. Some upcoming events are listed below.

Workshops and Open days

Regular Events

Next: 1st May -- see Agenda

Hack the Space

  • Weekly Hackspace 2.5 Work -- on Tuesdays
  • Monthly HMS Hack Day -- on the fourth Sunday


  • Comics Making Group -- Monthly on the first Thursday at 7pm in the Blue Room (downstairs) Facebook group Twitter

Team Meetings

Google Calendar

Planning an event

Regardless of whether an event is just a 1-1 workshop, small gathering or massive talk; any and all members of the Hackspace should feel empowered to run an event or group if they wish. If you have an idea for an event or are willing to run a workshop and need advice, there are several channels of help available!


If you are looking for inspiration, some of our past events have been recorded on the wiki, see Events Category and Category:Events (past).

Advertising event

As well as posting the event on the Google Calendar, Google group and Slack it can be:

Types of event


Workshops are a good way of sharing skills amongst members.

For previous workshops that have been run at the space, see our Eventbrite listings as well as the following pages:

Talks and Gatherings

Occasionally a big talk will happen at the hackspace. If you want to speak or know anyone that might, contact the Events team.


Big trips out make up a key part of the Nottinghack calendar

External Annual Events

Members from the Hackspace will generally attend these events each year or every other year.

  • EMF
  • Light Night, February
  • Science in the Park, March
  • Nottingham Green Festival - Mid September
  • Maker Faire's, April onwards
    • Derby
    • Brighton
    • London (Elephant and Castle)
    • Leicester (may start 2014)
  • Japanorama at Leicester Space Centre

See also