Financials Fixed and Variable Outgoings

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Fixed Outgoings

Name Amount Notes
Rent F6 £3,484.00 This will go up each June. (2021-2022 £3,623.36, 2022-2023 £3.768.20, 2023-2024 £3,919.03)
Electric £876.61 Average from 6 months between Oct/19-Mar/20
Though the actually amount changes each month we always have to pay something, using the 6 month average from regular times is sensible for budgeting
Insurance £119.35 This will go up each February
Cleaning £162.00
Internet £54.00 Virgin Media
Network Servers & Backup £64.00 Varies a little each month due to USD exchange rate. Linode, Jungledisk, AWS
Water £8.13 Bill is actually for drainage not supply.
This will go up each February
Business Rates £239 This is an old figure form 2019, not yet sure what this will shake out to be in 2021-2022
Bank Service Charge £5 Cost of the TSB Account
BOC Gas £33.30 Rental on the two Gas cylinders
TV Licence £40.64 Included in `Trustees Misc`

Name Amount Yearly Amount Monthly Expected Month Notes
LastPass ~£560 ~£46 April
Trustee Slack ~£458 ~£38 July
Companies House £13 September Confirmation Statement
Accountant £250 October End of year Accounts filling
Network DNS ~£25 February

Variable Outgoings

Some things that should be expect to go out either each month or once a year, but with a very variable amount

Bank Service Charge for Cash deposits
Stripe Payment Charges