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* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-07-08|2016-07-08]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-07-08|2016-07-08]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-07-14|2016-07-14]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-07-14|2016-07-14]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-07-16|2016-07-16]]
=== Related Links ===
=== Related Links ===

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Fire Pong

For EMF 2016, a small group of us are working on a series of fire effects to be incorporated into an interactive game of some sort (provisionally "pong"). This project was inspired by Mouse's Burning Man experiences (which he never shuts up about), and a conversation on the matter with Jonty (London Hackspace) where he suggested a game of pong. Jonty's too busy organising EMF to join the build, but is credited with the idea of pong as the game to be made.

See also: Call For Collaborators presentation.

Costs & Funding

List of purchases moved to Accounting page & funding sources added there too. Mouse (talk) 12:18, 15 June 2016 (UTC)


The project is split into a series of smaller sub-projects. We're looking for people to volunteer to take some of them on. If you contribute to a sub-project, please add yourself to the sub-project page. If you are the first / only person working on a sub-project, put yourself down as the sub-project owner. Mouse will act as the main hub for coordination of sub-projects (defining interfaces and so on, and generally OKing designs).

Procedures & Docs


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