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A block of gas fittings to control the supply of gas from the source tanks (at 16 bar) to the various segments of the system (small puffer segments and large puffers)


  • Regulate 16 bar supply to pressures needed for each connected segment (0-2 bar for small puffers 0-4 bar for large puffers)
  • Have a single 1/4 turn cut off valve for the whole system (this is from the Burning Man Fire Effect guidelines)
  • Have isolation valves for each segment so that each can be connected and tested individually
  • Have pressure gauges for each pressure delivered


A primary regulator is used to drop tank pressure (16 bar) to the highest pressure required by a working segment (large puffers). A secondary regulator is placed on a spur which is then split to link the three small puffer segments at a lower pressure.

Fire Pong Supply and Regulation Segment Diagram.png.

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