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Fusion 360 is a 3d design tool for windows from Autodesk. It is a very full featured program and also has the ability to convert modeled parts to gcode which can be run on a CNC machine or to STL parts that can be printed on the 3d printer.

The best part is that Fusion 360 is available for FREE to students/Makers/hobbiests this is great value :-)

The plans for a number of the Hackspace CNC machines (Denford Lathe and the MerchantDice Mill) include making them able to accept the converted parts from Fusion 360. The 3d Printer will already print parts from Fusion360

To get your Free copy go to the AutoDesk Web site

There is a lot of information at autodesk, and unusually most of the marketing hype about the capabilities of the program are all true !!.

There are also a number of youtube tutorial videos, the NYCCNC ones are rather good. The intro one is HERE do a google search for "NYCCNC fusion 360" to find lots more.

If you want to make 3d parts this is probably the best software available at a reasonable price you will find!!