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HMS is currently hosted on holly, and can be accessed at:, or at hms if connected to Hackspace network.

More info behind HMS and Instrumentation

All members have a HMS account; if you joined before HMS was in use, you will need to reset your password.

This page needs a lot of work.

Things everyone can do with HMS:

Where your HMS username / password is used

  • HMS (obviously)
  • Wiki
  • spacenet - username is <lowercase hms login>


Source code, bug tracking and development notes for HMS can be found on Github


There are certain functions of HMS that are restricted to the membership team. These include:


HMS 1 development was started on 19th August 2012
HMS 1 went live some time in January 2013
HMS 1 development ended 15th May 2016
HMS 2 development start 15th May 2016
HSM 2 went live on 7th July 2019

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