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You're a member admin and a new member is asking to get their gatekeeper card set up. Here's how. If their payment hasn't been detected yet, they'll have to wait: Based on past experience, we don't set up cards for people that haven't paid membership yet (Nothing bad happened, people just got excited about membership, had no incentive to set it up if they were given access, then had their membership revoked after a while).

We have a box of suitable blank RFID cards on top of the safe, which are available to people for a £1 deposit (Goes in the cashbox). Additionally, a Nottingham City Library Card, Citycard, most student and university IDs, some work IDs, or any Oyster card will also work. Ski passes tend not to; neither do contactless debit cards.

If you want to know how to sign up new members from scratch, look here.

RFID Card Setup

Log in to HMS, then click on Members in the top left.

Log in to HMS

From there, use the search box to find the right member:

Membership summary

Click on their name in the list of results:

Member results

If they're a current member, HMS will show a pin number for them, circled in red below. Remember or make a note of it. n.b., the member doesn't require the PIN to access the hackspace, it's a one use number for setting tying and RFID card to their account.

Member details

Go to Gatekeeper and place the RFID card over the sensor. A blank card is shown here, but many others work (some listed above).

Card sensor

Gatekeeper will beep and display "Access Denied" on the LCD if the card is usable. Input the PIN number before the LCD resets, the card will then be tied to the member and, from now on, will unlock the hackspace door when presented to the sensor. The LCD will also display "Welcome [MEMBER NAME]" by default; members can edit their unlock message by logging into HMS and editing their profile. n.b., it's worth demonstrating opening the door to the new member at the time of card setup. The maglock is very strong; pushing it open when the lock isn't on the latch requires considerably more force than when it is.

LCD and PIN pad