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Hackspace 2.0
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Hackspace 2.0 is the upstairs section of our space. It is large and has lots of different areas to cater for all manner of hacktivities.

You will find the main door to Hackspace 2.0 at the South-East side of the building; right near the Comfy Area. Disabled access to Hackspace 2.0 is possible through the back door near the Metalworking Area; street access for this route is from the entrance on Roden Street at the north side of the building.

Video Tour

Floor plan

Floor plan of Nottingham Hackspace 2.0
Note Note: Download the source file created with Sweet Home 3D.

The total floor area has been calculated from the plan as 4202 ft².



Work on Hackspace 2.0 started back in 2011. When we moved into the space it looked very different to how it does now. The images below show the space between 2011 and 2012. Since then we have acquired many more tools, even more members and lots of experience.

We've come quite a way!

The main workshop at Nottingham Hackspace in August 2011 when it was still quite empty

Early days at Roden Street

Eviction from Hackspace 1.0

When we first learnt that we were being evicted from Hackspace 1.0 we initially planned to move into the basement of The Art Organisation, which had no windows. We were hoping to knock two windows through. These were the plans for that space: