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| [[User:Dominic|Dominic & Gill]] || £100 || No ||
| [[User:Dominic|Dominic & Gill]] || £100 || No ||
| [[User:AndrewArmstrong|Andrew Armstrong]] || £200 || No ||

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Hackspace 2.5 could be closer than we think!

We have an opportunity to take on additional space downstairs. Below are 4 images - outline plans of our current space and the new space downstairs, and a potential way we could use this space - this is purely for illustrative purposes and is likely to change a lot if we actually take it on!

The space would allow us to increase the size of most of our most used spaces, and will give us space for bigger, better, tools. We would be able to put stairs and disabled access throughout the space, and move our “front door” to ground, step free, level. A space downstairs could become a bigger “blue room”/classroom, which we could make into a bookable resource. The large space downstairs has some concrete flooring, which could change what tools we can use. In short, there are huge opportunities.

It doesn’t tick all the boxes - there is no outside space and it doesn’t fix our parking issues, but it would be a massive improvement on what we have now.

In true Hackspace fashion, we’d like to start a pledge drive to go towards capital costs, deposit and possibly even increase our buffer to prevent us from going into the red.

We will be discussing and deciding upon this proposal at the Annual General Meeting on 3rd December - make sure you attend or proxy your vote by emailing

What is the money for

Without full plans it is hard to say, but it will likely go towards one or more of the following:

  • New electrics, Lighting throughout, sockets - including 3 phase
  • Stairs
  • New Entrance with Ramp
  • Decorating
  • Floor
  • Kitting out the rooms with desk/chairs/shelves/etc

Pledge Drive

Unlike other pledge drives, we are flexible on when we will collect this. There is no date we need to hit to get it in. We would like people to pay within a couple of months of the end of the pledge, which will be when we take possession but we have enough money in the current buffer to cover any costs. Your pledge would then "refill" the buffer.


In keeping with tradition, we will have a new "Wall of Names" showing who helped make the new space possible

Additionally we will be the biggest Hackspace in the UK, meaning those who pledge will also receive a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

List of pledges

DO NOT send any money yet!

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
James Hayward £200 No
Chris Cain £200 No
'RepRap' Matt £100 No
John Moody £200 No
Michael £100 No
Soph & Adam £200 No
Alex W & Kirsty £200 No
Anonymous Member £200 No
Rob Hunt £125 No
Matt Little £100 No
Mouse £100 No
Daniel £100 No
Joshua Kelly £175 No
Ian & Sue Dickinson £200 No
Mark Cambridge £100 No
Kate £30 No
Jodi Warren £30 No
John Bell £30 No
Froggy £100 No
Betty Ching £50 No
Aithne £100 No
Tom Grover £100 No
Dominic & Gill £100 No
Andrew Armstrong £200 No


Current space
New space
Current space, zoned
New space, zoned