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Raising Money For Hackspace 2.5

Pledge Drive

Many generous members have pledged to donate money towards the HS2.5 project. If you would like to join them, please add your name and pledge here! Everyone who pledges gets their name on the Wall of Names in the studio (unless they don't want to!).

You should have received an email from the Trustees with payment details.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
James Hayward £200 No
Chris Cain £200 Yes Xfer
'RepRap' Matt £100 Yes Xfer
John Moody £200 No
Michael £100 No
Soph & Adam £200 No
Alex W & Kirsty £200 No
Anonymous Member £200 No
Rob Hunt £125 No
Matt Little £100 No
Mouse £100 No
Daniel £100 No
Joshua Kelly £175 No
Ian & Sue Dickinson £200 No
Mark Cambridge £100 No
Kate £30 No
Jodi Warren £30 No
John Bell £30 No
Froggy £100 No
Betty Ching £50 No
Andreas R £50 No
Aithne £100 No
Tom Grover £100 No
Dominic & Gill £100 No
Andrew Armstrong £200 No
Craig Place £100 No
Amy Gathercole £50 No
Javi Martinez £100 No
Tony Shannon £100 No
David Clarke £25 Yes Xfer
Rob Haywood £50 No

Crowdfunding Campaign

In addition to a traditional hackspace pledge drive, there will be a crowdfunding campaign hosted on Indiegogo, Go Fund Me or some similar service. This allows us to cast a wider net, and receive funds from non-members and by different payment methods.


Using an online service gives us broader reach, a familiar structure, well tested mechanisms, multiple payment methods for donors, and the brand of the service to reassure people.

Exactly which service to use is still to be decided. Kickstarter is out because if we don't reach our goal, we get no money, and because they are focued on new products, not extensions to services.

Indiegogo was sucessfully used by Noisebridge for their reboot, and Go Fund Me is also in the running.

Specific Base Goal

  • Target amount: £?
  • Expansion of Nottinghack
  • Regaining the "biggest hackspace in the UK" crown!
  • Making the space fully accessible to wheelchair users
  • ...

Stretch Goals



We want this list to be unique to the hackspace. Any crowdfunding campaign can give out t-shirts (and we will too), but we have a lot of talented people at the space able to pledge completely unique things - turned wooden sculptures, cool laser-cut lampshades, leather dohickeys, entry to workshops - all sorts!

This list is quite vague at the moment - we need to expand it, determine values for each reward, make the items more specific by costing them and having volunteers "own" each item, and so on.

Reward Pledge Amount Number Availabale Owner Notes
Have your name added to the Wall Of Names in the Studio £5 unlimited
Limited edition, gold perspex rabbit keyring £10 50
Eat at hackspace fundraiser roast dinner £20 8 Mouse
Screen printed t-shirts £25 20
Have your company name added to the Wall Of Names in the Studio £64? 10
Have your company name and logo added to the Wall Of Names in the Studio £128? 5
Have your corporation name and logo added to the Wall Of Names in the Studio £1024? 3
Have BarBot come to your personal party / event £1024 1 Mouse Oh god, what am I doing?

Increasing Regular Income

In addition to raising a lump sum to cover capital expenditure, we will need to increase our regular income to cover the additional rent and other outgoings associated with the larger space. Possible methods to achieve this:

  • Growing our membership - the space is already growing, but we can do more to grow faster and to keep members engaged:
    • Be more awesome!
    • Re-double our outreach efforts at events
    • Direct advertising
    • Encouraging members to tell their friends and family about the space
    • Make efforts to get exposure in the media
  • Increasing the average monthly payment - not everyone can afford to pay a lot to be a member of the space, and that is fine, but those who can, and who feel the space is something they value could be encouraged to increase their monthly payment
  • Run more workshops - and charge for them.
  • ...