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Giving a tour fundamentally involves having a conversation with prospective members about the hackspace. There's no set order or group of things you have to show or talk about: Simply walk around the studio and workshop with people, showing them the different areas we have and answering any questions you can.
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Tours are not about exhaustively telling people all the things they could do in the hackspace, nor about listing projects. The most important thing is starting a conversation with people. If they have specific questions you don't know the answers to, you'll often be able to introduce them to members who do.
The best way to conclude a tour is to explain that membership is pay what you want by monthly standing order, show people the HMS sign up form (from within the space, accessible at: http://hms/), and that HMS will take them through the rest of the joining process. Offer them a cup of tea too; there's a tea urn in the kitchen as well as the kettle.

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