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Giving a tour fundamentally involves having a conversation with prospective members about the hackspace, and making them feel welcome. There's no set order or group of things you have to show or talk about: Simply walk around the studio and workshop with people, showing them the different areas we have and answering any questions you can.
Tours are not about exhaustively telling people all the things they could do in the hackspace, nor about listing projects. The most important thing is starting a conversation with people. If they have specific questions you don't know the answers to, you'll often be able to introduce them to members who do.
The best way to conclude a tour is to explain that membership is pay what you want by monthly standing order, show people the HMS sign up form (from within the space, accessible at: http://hms/), and that HMS will take them through the rest of the joining process. Offer them a cup of tea too; there's a tea urn in the kitchen as well as the kettle.
If you're talking to someone online, there's a [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrX7EQfvutA| video tour]

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