IoT Platforms

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IoT Platforms

A collection of IoT Platforms for discussing and experimenting.


Part of the discussions in the regular IoThursday meetings.

Open Source

Platform Comment License Link
Node-Red IBM built "visual wiring" tool for connecting devices, APIs etc in a browser. Based on nodejs. Also available on latest RPi build. Apache 2.0
Thingspeak Free for non-commercial use GNU GPL

Closed Source/Commercial Offerings

Platform Comment Link
Losant Cloud-based IoT platform, currently in public beta. Allows users to connect devices using workflows and visualise data. Freemium model for makers
Octoblu Cloud based IoT platform based on open source meshblu (formally Currently in public beta. Allows users to connect devices using workflows. Optional integrations to Splunk etc. Freemium model for makers
Azure IoT Microsoft's IoT platform. $200 Free trial available for full Azure services. Free model with limited messaging. Cloud based IoT platform targeted at MS customers. Possibly good if you're using Win10 IoT or Visual Studio?
Amazon IoT Amazon's IoT platform. Allows you to connect devices to other AWS services. Free model limited to 250,000 messages per month for 12 months.