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JARVIS ( is a sandbox VM accessible to any member. It has a shared directory accessible from the space's networked computers, it can host member webpages and can be used via SSH. Computers can also be configured to access JARVIS via the internet using SSH.

Note, Holly is not freely accessible by members as it is mission critical.


Like Holly, JARVIS is a VM running on Collective, it currently has the following resources

  • 1CPU core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50GB HDD
  • Debian Wheezy 64bit

Running service's include

  • SSH
  • Apache with PHP5
  • MySQL

File manager access

Every member can create an unencrypted folder on the shared folder on the JARVIS server (/home/shared).


In Nautilus on Ubuntu:

  • Browse Network > Windows Network > nottinghack > JARVIS > Shared
    • Enter HMS credentials <username> and <password> in the dialogue box, leave other options as their default values.

SSH Access

{{note|SSH and web address use the all lowercase form of your HMS <username>

Local network

JARVIS is accessible from the the internet on jarvis.nottinghack.org.uk port 3000, or can be ssh'd into from the hackspace Intranet using the name JARVIS and the usual port of 22.
From the Intranet both password and key login are enabled, however from the internet you will need to use key login; this effectively means that the first time you connect to JARVIS, you must do so from the Hackspace network.

HTTP/Web Access

As we only have one external IP address, WEB/port 80 connections to JARVIS are proxied by Holly. Your public_html directory on JARVIS can be found at http://jarvis.nottinghack.org.uk/~<HMS username>.