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[[File:Kinect3.jpg|350px|none|Camera setup in the studio room]]
[[File:Kinect3.jpg|350px|none|Camera setup in the studio room]]
[[File:Kinect4.PNG|800px|none|Scan of my head]]
[[File:Kinect4.PNG|800px|none|Scan of my head]]
[[File:Dans Head.gif|none|3D Printed]]
===Other Uses===
===Other Uses===

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Manufacturer Microsoft
Model Xbox360 Kinect
Obtained Purchased through Pledge Drive
Location Comfy Area
Team Tools
Induction Required No
Booking {{{booking}}}
Status Defunct
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Xbox 360 Kinect

This camera at first glance may be dismissed as just a gaming device. Its definitely not! It has a variety of uses when plugged into a PC or Laptop and is actually quite easy to use.

Installing the Camera on Windows

For the specific camera that the hackspace owns, you must download and install Kinect for Windows SDK v1.7

It can be found on the microsoft website here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=36996

3D Scanning

Once you have installed all the drivers the camera can be used to produce 3D Printable STL files of anything you can get a good scan of. Phill and I were able to get very good scans of our heads by sitting on office chairs in the studio area and slowly spinning on the spot.

The software used to produce the scans is called Skanect. There are lots of videos on youtube showing how to use it but it is generally pretty self explanatory. When exporting the STL files for 3D printing you will notice that there is a 5000 face limit on the Free version of skanect. The files are still perfectly useable so don't worry about it too much unless you are targeting perfect scans and have access to a Resin/ DLP 3D printer.

Get the software here: https://skanect.occipital.com/download/

3D Scan of Danspencer101
Skanect Program
Camera setup in the studio room
Scan of my head
3D Printed

Other Uses

  • I believe you can use this for animating models and tracking motion
  • Gaming
  • Many others...