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It's a kitchen!

The usual beverages are provided, instant coffee and tea bags, These are replenished by resources team, feel free to make a donation in the donations tin or contribute by signing up to the resources team on Slack. Milk is in the fridge or in the shop around the corner and is replenished by individuals donating and leaving what they don't consume.

Washing the Dishes

Fill the dishwasher until full with dirty pots, dishwasher tabs are in the cupboard under the sink, start the dishwasher when full and flip the "fill me sign to "empty me" on the front. If you come to the machine and "empty me " is displayed, please empty the contents into the cupboards above (check the pots have been through the wash cycle first)

Recycling and bins

Bins are located at the entrance on Roden Street, if you leave the hackspace by that route please take any full bin bags to drop off as you exit. Recycling is done by members taking the initiative and the contents to a local recycling facility, there is no organised collection.


Also maintained by volunteers, please help by removing anything horrid, stinky, or past its sell-by date that's unlikely to be consumed.

Cleaning materials and cleaning

Blue roll, soapy stuff and detergents are replenished by the resources team, if anything runs out, check next-door at the back of the toilets on the shelves, please notify them when stuff is exhausted or close to. They are often looking for help with runs to the wholesalers so please feel free to volunteer on the slack channel.

There is no organised cleaning, it's up to us to us to maintain the place, that is mop and wipe down surfaces take out the waste and put stuff away.