Kitchen Revamp 2018

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After the Comfy Area had been revamped some members felt it was time to revamp the Kitchen a little.

Update 2019

Currently, there are no active plans to upgrade The Kitchen. The floor/painting and general clear out was done in summer 2018. Below is a record of plans outlined previously around 2016? Next job is likely the cupboards some of which are sagging.

Electrics rework to support a new hob

The sockets currently over the kitchen counter need moving and their supply cables rearranging.
A new feed for the hob will need fitting from the distribution board
Estimated cost £50
Estimated time required 1-2 days

New kitchen hob

Chosen for it's robustness based on experience of these in rented (i.e. multi-use) residences.

ElectrIQ Ceramic 60cm Touch Control hob Vitro Glass Black
Cost £120
Time to install 1/2 day

Hob extractor

ElectriQ eIQCHCGBB70 70cm Curved Black Glass Cooker Hood Satin Black
Cost £95
Time to install 1/4 day

New floor

Replaced 2018, vinyl over harboard.

Fixing up the Oven cabinet

It should be on legs and fit nicer under the worktop.
In fact a new carcass would only cost £33 from B&Q
IT Kitchens White Melamine Oven Unit Carcass (W)600mm
Time 1/4 day

New sink Tap

Boston Chrome Effect Pillar Tap
Cost £23
Time 1/2 day