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The shelves between the comfy are and the studio make up the Large Project Storage.

The Large Project Storage shelves

Please note this storage is temporary, and should not be used for long term storage or for completed projects.

The Large Project Storage will be audited monthly, each Hack the Space day.

ALL Projects on the Large Project Storage MUST have a sticker attached linked to your membership.

How to Print a "Do Not Hack" Label

  1. Log into HMS
  2. Click on "Projects"
  3. If you need to, create a new project using the "Add New Project" button and entering the project details
  4. Click "Print DNH Label" next to your project.
  5. The label will be printed from the printer on the large project storage shelves.
The Large Project Storage label printer
A Large Project Storage label

Remember to keep your label up to date when you work on it. Keep your label clearly visible on your project.

We’d like to remind everyone that the only official storage space is either your membership storage box, the Large Project Shelves (LPS), or the sheet and wood storage area. If your project is too large for any of these areas, please check on the Google Groups mailing list before leaving it in the hackspace.

Audit process:

We went through every project and made sure it was included on the list. Every project also received a beige luggage tag with the user's name on it, as well as a coloured sticker.

Almost all projects placed on the shelving at this time received a GREEN sticker.

The green sticker means that a project has been worked on recently. We have given almost all projects the benefit of the doubt here and "green stickered" them. The only exceptions are projects which were totally abandoned with no information about WHO they belong to or when they were placed on the shelf. These items have received a YELLOW sticker.

Next Hack the Space Day, we will reaudit the shelving. If a project has not been touched or moved (ie, there is no change to the "last worked on" date), it will at this point receive a yellow sticker. Those with yellow stickers will receive a red sticker.

Items that are red stickered for over a month will be removed from the project storage and broken down into parts/rehacked.