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| 4 ||A4 Ply || £1
| 4 ||A4 Ply || £1
| 5 ||PERPEX Sheet || DONATION

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Induction on the laser Cutter/Engraver

I will be conducting Induction Sessions on the new Laser Cutter Engraver at the Nottingham Hackspace (starting in September 2011).

These are likely to happen in the Blue Room and will be one-on-one sessions. You may bring a small laser project if you wish though you must check that your materials are suitable for a laser cutting or etching. Otherwise we'll cut some paper/card/ply for you to show that you aren't going to destroy the laser or coat the mirrors in gunk.

Initially the cost of using the laser will be a donation of £1 for 10 minutes (the rule of thumb here is time using the machine including the laptop NOT just cutting or etching time so ideally you'll prepare your files elsewhere).

Laser Costs

1 10 MINS £1
2 30 MINS £3
3 1 HOUR £6
4 A4 Ply £1

I will also be arranging an access diary for the laser and some simple rules of thumb. Shortly I will post online tutorials too.

Please use the donation box on the table next to the laser - NOTE: This money goes into the laser fund ONLY and not to the Hackspace.


If you have a small project in mind we can use it as part of the induction but please check the matterials you would like to etch or cut are suitable for the laser. The induction is partly about keep you and the others around you safe... but mostly about NOT BREAKING THE LASER!

The induction will include:

  • Setting up and Switching on safely (with out breaking it) so you

don't die

  • Testing alignment of the laser
  • Introduction to NewlyDraw software (this is the software that the

machine uses)

  • Setting up your XY axis, placing your work piece and checking the

draw frame

  • Etching
  • Cutting
  • How to convert an image file to dxf and import it into NewlyDraw
  • Shutting down and tidying up

Laser Induction Sign-Ups

# Name Paid When Complete
1 Spencer YES TBA NO
2 James H NO TBA NO
3 David NO TBA NO
4 Mouse NO TBA NO
5 Suzanne NO TBA NO
8 Tony NO TBA NO
9 Jake NO TBA NO
10 Joe NO TBA NO
11 RepRap Matt NO N/A YES
12 Chunky NO TBA NO
13 Michael E NO TBA NO
14 Sharpie NO TBA NO
15 James F YES Monday 3rd October, 1830 NO
16 Mark NO TBA NO
17 Pip NO TBA NO
18 John NO TBA NO
19 Ross NO TBA NO
20 Kate NO TBA NO
21 ? NO TBA NO