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This page is a list of materials that can be cut or engraved on the 'NEW' Nottinghack A0 laser cutter from Just Add Sharks, along with information on cutting speeds and power settings. Other useful information is also provided.

You can see a reasonably complete list of what is laser safe here and here.

The values on this page have been tested, but are guidelines. Always stay with the laser when it is running, and use your common sense!


  • Vinyl, PVC - Contains chlorine, which generates glass and metal damaging acid fumes when burned!
  • Polycarbonate - clear polycarbonate looks just like acrylic!
  • Anything that produces fumes, e.g. glued woods (except laser-safe MDF/ply), many types of plastic.


Greyscale Engrave

Monoscale Engrave


Type Power Speed
3mm birch ply 65% 55mm/s
3mm birch ply 65% 55mm/s


Paper and Card

Go fast and run test cuts! Then help us by documenting what worked for you.



Type Power Speed (mm/s)
3mm Acrylic 65% (see whiteboard)
5mm Acrylic 65% (see whiteboard)


Anodised aluminium

Anodised aluminium can be etched (removing the anodising) at 20% power, 600mm/s. This has not been thoroughly tested, so be prepared to experiment.